Lingerie Evolution: 1950s Lingerie Trends


FroM the corSetS and petticoats of the Victorian era to the aLMOSt invisibLe Lingerie of today, the worLd of Lingerie has undergone Many changes over the years. In this bLog pOSt, we’ll look at soMe of the Lingerie trends that were popular in the 1950s.

This month we’ll be talking about 1950s Lingerie in our evolution of the lingerie series. Don’t forget to check30s lingerieand1940’s Lingerie Trends.

Lingerie from the 1950s is often remembeRed as an era of glamor and elegance, and that sentiment was reflected in lingerie styles from this period. Popular lingerie of the 1950s included girdles, bullet Bras, and tap PANTS, garments that emphasized curves and femininity. Shapewear was designed to be worn around the waist to help create an hourglass shape, while bullet Bras helped women achieve a more voluptuous silhouette. Tap pants were Shorts made from lightweight fabrics like Silk or rayon, perfect for lounging around the house!

1950’s Lingerie Styles

The silhouette

The mOSt iconic silhouette of 1950’s lingerie was the bullet Bra. This style provided support for women’s busts while maintaining a modern shape, and was often paiRed with high-waisted Panties or girdles for a more modest look. Other popular silhouettes included girdles, corsets, and longline Bras that offered more coverage than the bullet Bra, but still provided plenty of lift and support for fuller figures.

1950's lingerie

In addition to these timeless designs, women of the 1950s also had access to other innovative pieces, such as strapless bras and bustiers, garments that pushed the boundaries at the time. These daring designs may have been shocking for their time, but they set the stage for the modern lingerie styles we still enjoy today! Finally, it’s worth noting that color played a big role in 1950s Underwear. Unlike today’s neutral tones, bold colors like teal Blue and bright Pink were popular choices during this period.

The fabric

In the 1950s, lingerie was made of lightweight materials like silk, satins, chiffon, and Lace that allowed for comfortable movement throughout the day. These fabrics also had a glamorous touch that could not be found in other Fashion garments of the time. Women often accessorized their lingerie ensembles with pieces like scarves or stoles for added flair.


When it comes to color options in 1950s lingerie from this decade, there were plenty of options available. From vibrant Pinks and Purples to classic Black and White combinations, these shades can be easily mixed and matched based on personal preference or occasion. It was not uncommon to see lingerie sets embellished with delicate embroidery or embellished with intricate lace details to draw attention to certain areas of the body, such as the shoulders or abdomen.

1950's lingerie

The evolution of bras in the 1950s

In the early 1950s,bras were made from stiff fabrics such as Cotton or nylon that provided structure to the garment. Most bras featured padding in the cups to give a more rounded appearance to the bust line, as well as underwire along the sides for added support. These garments also included straps that wrapped around the body and could be adjusted to fit. This design was intended to provide maximum comfort while still keeping everything in place.

The development of bras

Bras also first appeared on the market during this time period. Unlike bras, these garments were designed with minimal coverage and structure, with just two panels of fabric sewn down the sides and back with no underwire or padding. This type of lingerie was considered daring at the time, but it soon became popular with women who wanted something comfortable yet stylish to wear under their clothes.

The popularity of Bullet Bras

One style of bra that gained particular popularity during this decade was known asbullet bra- Named for its pointed cup shape that resembled a bullet or cone shape when used properly. This type of lingerie featured tapered cups with stiff fabric that resulted in an exaggerated pointy shape when worn by women who had smaller bust lines. Today this style is often considered kitsch or Retro, but it was all the rage in 1950s lingerie Fashion circles!

1950's lingerie

1950’s Panties

Many companies began to produce different styles and fabrics for women to choose from – including satin, silk, Cotton, lace and more!

One popular style was the high-waisted Panty. These Panties reached much higher than modern panties today; they almost reached the waist instead of sitting on the hips. This type of pantyhose was considered Fashionable but modest, as it showed no skin outside of the legs. The high waist also created a smooth line under clothing which was important during such a conservative era when lines mattered so much!

1950's lingerie

1950s lingerie also saw the introduction of women’s Briefs in addition to the traditional full-coverage panties. Many women found Briefs more comfortable than Full Coverage panties because they weren’t as restrictive around the legs or hips. Plus, the Briefs offered more coverage than Bikini Bottoms – Perfect for those who wanted something elegant yet modest!

The lingerie of the 1950s was a groundbreaking time for lingerie: it was during this period that women began to experiment with new shapes and fabrics to create garments that were perfectly suited to their individual tastes. Although our lingerie styles may have changed since then, many of these classic designs are still popular today! If you’re interested in finding out more about vintage lingerie trends or looking for inspiration for your own wardRobe, check out our collection of 1950s lingerie!

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